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Cachaça Thoquino,
Authentically Brazilian

At the time of Portugese colonization in the 15th century, the sugar cane crop was organized and developed and with it came the creation of cachaça.  At the beginning, it was drunk on the farmsteads, but then cachaça spread, across the country; Today it is Brazil’s national drink.

The family distillery THOMAZ DE AQUINO founded in 1906 (GRUPO THOQUINO), has produced cachaça for over 100 years.

It is found in SAO JOAO DA BARRA in the Campos region (Rio State) the traditional home of sugar cane production since 1532. This region is blessed with an exceptional soil and has an exceptional number of hours of sunshine.

It is one of the rare distilleries to have its own sugar cane plantations, which lets it control the production on the plantation and guarantees constant quality.

  • The family Thomaz de Aquino

Cachaça Thoquino,
a quality "Aguardente"

Thoquino cachaça  is an "Aguardente de Cana" 100% pure sugar cane, made with freshly pressed sugar cane juice which is then fermented for 8 days having been distilled  (double distillation) This fermentation is longer than that of rum, contributing to its unique taste.

Tasting notes: as opposed to other cachaças , which soon lose their aroma in the air, Thoquino  keeps its smell and taste in glassware. Prepared ¼ hour before drinking, this Caïpirinha  just tastes better .

Drinking notes :

Cachaça is mainly a cocktail drink. The most popular are "Caïpirinha" and "Batida".

"Caïpirinha" is only made with Brazilian cachaça, symbol of Brazilian cuisine and culture today one of the most well-known cocktails the world .


  • Thoquino team celebrates the million bottles


  • Hugo Thomaz de Aquino in front of his casks